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SugaRich Dairy

A highly palatable biscuit meal designed for high yielding dairy cows. Helps to promote yields with balanced starch, sugar and oil levels.

SugaRich Beef

A high sugar ‘sticky’ farm biscuit, very palatable which can help drive performance in dairy, beef and sheep diets. Can be fed alongside or instead of rolled cereals.

SugaRich Bakery

A well balanced mill grade biscuit suitable for all classes of livestock. Highly palatable biscuit meal with high oil levels combined with excellent starch and sugars.

SugaRich Confectionery

Our highest grade biscuit with very high oil and energy levels. Suitable for Pig and Poultry rations and widely used in feed mills.


A high starch and sugar biscuit meal suitable for all classes of ruminants. High energy helps to promote both yields and live weight gain.

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